King of Fighters XIII update pending? – Updated

Versus City is reporting that a new version of KoF XIII will be released in the future. It’s not clear if this is a patch or an update. The new version will be free for arcades that own the original game. I’m wondering how this will affect the cabinets in North America.

Madman in Japan is reporting that the update is being rolled out in Japanese arcades.

It’s still been under half a day since the update came out so there’s not much details yet. I’m assuming that SNKP might make an announcement to the general public on their blog today.. if they’re competent.

According to some early reports, the bugs and infinites have been taken out (say goodbye to the massive Mature population). The roll HD has reportedly been taken out. Players are saying that there doesn’t seem to be any balance changes?

I probably won’t have time for hands-on until the weekend.

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