KoF XIII tournament with ratio system at Carnival Arcade

The Professor at Madman’s Cafe has this write-up concerning the recent tournament at Carnival Arcade:

Carnival Arcade had its ratio tournament for KOFXIII today and it was pretty interesting. There were a total of 25 participants; Oz, Cap, and Nagihe were there. The tournament ran in double-elimination.

The matches were played on two cabinets and one of them was hooked to a DVD-HDD recorder. Those matches are scheduled to go up on Nico Video.
The tournament commentator was also a participant- whatever video that runs without commentaries will be his matches. He lost in the loser’s bracket though.

The tournament ran under this ratio chart.

Max 4 points
4- K’, Raiden
3- Andy, Shen, Kyo, Iori, Kula, Elisabeth, Takuma
2- Leona, Ash, Benimaru, Yuri, Kim, Duolon, Chin
1- Goro, Terry, Kensou, Mature, Maxima, Joe, Robert, King, Hwa, Ralf
0- Mai, Athena, Clark, Ryo, Vice

The game actually felt really well balanced with this Ratio implementation. 3-1-0 and 2-2-0 were the most popular combinations. i think there were only 2 or 3 players doing 4-0-0.

Most of the characters in the game seemed to be used by people, including Ralf despite that he’s in Ratio 1. The Ratio 0s were pretty popular except for Mai, who I’ve only seen being used by one player.

Players seem to have figured out how to get the best out of Ryo and do some damaging combos.

I can’t recall seeing Takuma and Goro being used by anyone. I don’t recall seeing Elisabeth either. K’ and Raiden were rarely seen.

The matches were mixed– some players were really good, some felt like casuals, some players seemed a bit ambitious and whiffed big time on combos.

The ratio system seems to be working well and will likely help add variety to match videos which is the biggest complaint I read about on most sites.

Our own Rakukojin was in attendance and reports there were many Yuri, Ryo, Clark, Kim and Vice players but no Daimon or Takuma players. Rakukojin also reports that the top 4 matches were taped and should be online soon.

Source: I’mNextOnline

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  • This seems very well thought out. I’m guessing it’s based on the “tiers” or just popularity in general. It’s about time too cuz I’m tired of seeing shoto-scrubs using Andy and Robert almost exclusively every other posted video!

    It might be fun to mess around with on the home releases too where it gets updated based on player feedback and tier/popularity rankings every 2 weeks to a month!

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