Siliconera interview with Shinya Morishita

Siliconera conducted an interview with Shinya Morishita from SNK Playmore USA. They asked about the NeoGeo Station releases, the possibility of obscure NeoGeo titles being released as well as the UM titles hitting the PSN. SNKP has a NeoGeo Station Facebook page which will be used to gauge interest in upcoming titles.

Siliconera also asked about the recent reports regarding changes in the company but Morishita declined to comment.

Check out the interview at Siliconera.


  • geez! was the person doing the commentary talking to a robot or something? Those were some of the most cliched answers I’ve ever seen.

  • this interview was kinda lame dude barely answered anything

  • no really now …who the hell is doing P.R . for playmore?

    “Does SNK have any other plans for the 20th NeoGeo Anniversary?”
    Along with our newest PSP download game title NeoGeo Shooters –Ultimate Shooting- available on the North American & European PlayStation Stores, a number of NEOGEO licensed products and peripherals have been released throughout this year. Though these goods are only available in Japan, on a side note, just recently in North America, for fans who purchase our NEOGEO Station PS3 10 title bundle, an exclusive NEOGEO 20th Anniversary PS3 Custom Theme will be included as a bonus! The bundle retails for $79.99, but is available at a 20%-off discounted price ($63.99) for members of PlayStation Plus.

    This is the last comment i will do regarding this joke of a company – who supports them is a complete moron! Thank you

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