Ultimate Clash 4 KOF 2002UM Finals

Ultimate Clash 4 results
1st Round
Aion (W) vs ZeroNiiro
ATB_555 vs Giga D (W)
Shoju vs Kusogaki (W)
Gunsmith (W) vs Shin Dragon

Semi Finals
Aion vs Giga D (W)
Kusogaki (W) vs Gunsmith

Giga D vs Kusogaki (W)

Source: Orochinagi


  • Hahaha! Oh gawd, that last round on the last match had me laughing so hard

  • …whole lotta turtling goin on. *sigh*

    SF IV has pretty much influened the whole people play ALL fighting games these days…that’s not a compliment.

    Turtle – block – flail c.LPs into special for an easy knockdown combo. Now attack…get countered with a reversal and back to…


  • I don’t play SF4 though ? Lol…

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