Dream Cancel Real Bout 2 session footage

Here’s a little over an hour of the session I played with DeadlyRave-Neo, steamwolf and PureYeti. The video is just over an hour long and includes a teaching game in which DeadlyRave-Neo is trying to show me a few pointers for Li Xiangfei. Watch through the end to see how broken Rick is.


  • Desmond Delaghetto

    this is not from the past weekend session right? if so, i’m waiting to see that, haha.

  • This is from last weekend’s session. These are the matches from the room I played in.

  • I’ll get the other session up soon, but I gotta do some serious editing to the video before I feel confident about uploading it. Unfortunately, my schedule’s been a little tight due to work but I think I can work on it a bit here and there and see what I can get done. I shouldn’t have up any later than next Tuesday. Sorry for the inconvenience guys…I’ll make sure everything you did will be up for everyone to see.

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