KOF[UK] posts impressions of KOF XIII and Unlimited Faceoff results

Kusogaki at the KOF[UK] blog has posted his initial impressions of The King of Fighters XIII. He played the game for the first time at Ultimate Clash X in London. His impressions include his thoughts on Mai, Kyo, Athen, Kensou, Raiden and Takuma. Read the whole story at KOF[UK].

Unlimited Faceoff results
Gunsmith has posted the Unlimited Faceoff results over at Orochingai.

#1 Bata
#2 Jerome
#3 Salim

#1 Michels
#2 Giga D
#3 Atb_555

Bata vs Salim: First to 10 wins
Bata: 04
Salim: 10


  • Good stuff on Salim taking the ft10 match.

  • Yeah interesting how he took the first to 10 but lost the tourney, I remember when I played him close to ten years ago he was real good.

    • Kane317 you came in Paris aroud 10 years ago? I still can’t remember about any american Kof player coming in France! Where was it? Please send more details, I am really curious about it!

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