Alex’s Arcade KOF XIII tournament results

Results from the March 19th tournament:
1. Mr. KoF
2. No. 17
3. Romance
4. Pepe
5. Reynald
5. B.A.L.A
7. Duc
7. Oscar
7. ChrisKoF
9. Oscar
9. Abe (Metaphysics)
9. Real Kim
9. Raul
13. Ricardo
13. Miguel
13. Ivan
13. Pedro


  • Really nice matches. Wish the guy with the glasses wasn’t in the shot so much. Favorite part had to be Terry kept Kula defensive until she broke – first time I’ve seen a Terry do that in XIII.

  • mr kof holding it down for all terry players. after the great joeplay from last vids its nice to see terry shine as well (the other vid had a good terry as well th0ugh). nice hd finish btw.

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