Ignition Entertainment and the future

SNK fans will remember that Ignition released Metal Slug 7 for Nintendo DS, King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match and KOF XII. The problems with KOF XII’s online and the resulting back-and-forth seemed to be the end of the relationship between SNKP and Ignition. Play Asia then listed King of Fighters XIII as “Announced with pre-orders coming soon” and listed Ignition as the publisher.

In a recently posted Siliconera interview with Shane Bettenhausen regarding Ignition Entertainment which contained this exchange:

Siliconera: What else are you doing on the localization side? Have you been talking to SNK or Marvelous?
Shane Bettenhausen: SNK, we’re definitely still in talks with them, but nothing to announce right now. We’ve worked with them for a long time and I have a lot of friends there. And, I would definitely like to work with them again.

Hopefully, an official announcement is coming soon.


  • All I’m waiting for is an official announcement that tells us something set in stone. Good to hear Ignition and SNKP are still talking, but all the indefinite answers and waiting is starting to sting.

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  • Stunning to see Ignition and SNKPlaymore still talking… After read this comment from MadMax (forum administrator and Ignition staff member) some months ago into Ignition forums I supposed Ignition and SNKP cut off their relation..

    “Anyone hanging around here expecting us to announce KoF XIII….don’t bother. “

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