Garou with commentary by Giby and Nocturnal

If you’re interested in Garou: Mark of the Wolves at all, check out this video by Giby and Nocturnal in which they dissect some random matches.


  • Instead of using a phone to record, have you guys tried fraps since it’s being played on a computer?

    • Yea it was also a test to see how the quality would turn out. What we should have done is record the replays and then record them but like Giby said it was also for people to hear our inputs as we played.

  • We have used Fraps in the past, as well as other programs/devices, but we wanted to record our audio as well so people can hear the inputs (us mashing!) since many out there believe the two of us use macros.

  • Good stuff!!! I hope to see more of this in the near future… MOTW is definitely in a league of its own, and I’m glad you guys are dropping that “Garou Science” for the community to understand what’s going on, especially those new to the series… Show me some Marco Rodriguez next time plz :)

    • We are planning another show today so stay tuned for that. I’ll see if can get a good mix of the characters in. Trying to make it a bit more organized this time around so it wont be as long as well. Keep an eye on the shout box as either me or Giby will post the link to the show.

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