Gamespot KOF XIII impressions from E3

Gamespot, like Siliconera, had the chance to play King of Fighters XIII at E3. The Gamespot article goes a bit more in-depth reporting that all of the characters were playable but none of the modes were implemented yet. Several game modes have been confirmed. Of note is that story mode will use static, high-res 2D art screens.

The game will be based on version 1.1 and Atlus is unsure if SNKP will change that. It looks as though the online will be based on the post-patch version of the XII netcode. Atlus will be working closely with SNKP on all aspects of the game. As someone who’s played a lot of XII online, the patched netcode is pretty good and, with a bit of work, may well be great.

Atlus has not announced any pre-order bonuses but they are known for some very nice packages of late.

I have the 360 version pre-ordered at Amazon and will pre-order the PS3 version tomorrow at Gamestop. Which version will you pre-order? Or are you going to wait?

Source: Gamespot


  • I’d disagree with KOFXII’s post-patch netcode being ‘pretty good’ – it wasn’t anywhere near as good as SFIV’s, let alone BlazBlue’s. Granted, it was a move in the right direction, but a lot more work was needed. If that’s the netcode they’re using for XIII, I’m not optimistic.

    A friend and I did some testing around the time the patch came out to confirm how XII’s netcode stacked up:

  • t3h mAsTarOth...!

    I’m pre-ordering the PS3 version… I also plan on buying a solid HORI stick… Now that I’ll be practicing the game regularly at the arcade, it’ll be best to just use a stick rather than a controller…

  • “It looks as though the online will be based on the post-patch version of the XII netcode”

    Officially worried now.

  • Yeah, i’m worried too about the online. They’ve been using words like ‘enjoyable’, and ‘good’, and now with the comparison to post patch KoF 12– THAT’S SO NOT ENOUGH ! GGPO THIS SHT

  • How can you say the post patch version was pretty good? The imput lag is worse than MK.I have never had one match with no lag.If they are really gonna stick with that netcode this game is officially screwed.

  • Btw where did you get that info about the online?

  • He got the info about the online from the same Gamespot article, its all in there, I just read it.

    All I can say if that turns out to be true then KOF is dead, while hardcore fans are pre-ordering, casual and even some hardcore fans like myself are on the fence, and this news is very bad.

    Yeah all that patch for 12 did for me, was stop the game from looking like you’re fighting underwater, the input lag was still there, it was not good at all!!

    Have you seen 3s online? you need to watch the e3 video and see what they are doing, I’m not even a massive 3s fan but the extra content and online features plus GGPO, I was really impressed and right now 3s stands to be the best online fighter ever done.

    KOF13 being based on 12’s online is joke, I was already on the fence with this, but this news is worrying, looks like I will have to wait years in the future, where fans will make a better online for themselves so I can play 98um and 2k2um without lag.

    Thats if I even care about fighters by then.

  • What I don’t get is why don’t they get the company who did Neo Geo Battle Colosseum for XBL? The netcode on that was pretty good, it was very playable. Secondly, why is using GGPO so taboo for these Japanese developers?

  • Thanks i just read it.I think that hardcore fans will wait – after the 60$ joke XII was you have to be a complete idiot to trust playmore.Fanboys that like pretty colors and Mai breasts already blindly ordered.Still i have some hope that Atlus might do something and not deliver a fucked up product.At least don’t advertise this as an online compatible game and sell it with 30$.Either way i will wait for reviews about the online before i buy it

  • I’m going to bring some logic into this discussion. The netcode in XII was a mess at launch. The patch improved it. That was 2 years ago and we know XIII was in development alongside XII. It’s quite possible, even likely, that the netcode is vastly improved. For all we know, this could be the same netcode used in Samurai Shodown Sen, which was really good.

    I’ve blindly pre-ordered because I’ve wanted to play this game on a regular basis for over a year now. I have a few people to play locally and I think XIII might convince others to give the game a try.

  • If you have a scene it’s good.But most of the people are scattered around and we have no one to play locally.Personally i put a high price for online because here most of the people play ssf4 and i have no one to play kof offline.

  • “As someone who’s played a lot of XII online, the patched netcode is pretty good and, with a bit of work, may well be great.”
    Man that’s so bullshit. “Pretty good”, “BIT of work”!? It’s not you saying that though, right? It’s Gamespot right? It really sucks for KoF in general, because EVERYONE knows that KoF 12 online is/was SHIT. Any media even linking the KoF 12 online experience with 13 is sooooo bad.

    • I use the term “a bit of work” very loosely. All I meant to imply was that we should not prejudge the netcode based on the past games. If enough effort is out into improving the netcode, it could be great. In my experience, the XII netcode is pretty good.

  • i think the only way theyll understand that we need a good online is by boycotting buying kof 13 new. if they wanna make money with kof 13, rerlease it with AT LEAST ggpo netcode, otherwise im buying the shit used. now hop on the atlus and say the same shit to make a point, snkp needs to take their heads out of their asses if they really mean this bs. these fucking bitches.

  • @Nikolai VolKOF

    The people running this site are fanboys and to subjective in their statements.Get your info elsewhere.

    @Site admins
    No offence but it’s more obvious than ever.I understand personal opinions – but keep them to yourselves when it comes to informing people, or at least try to be reasonable.

    • All homepage content is created be me. No reason to address the site admins, call me out by name.

      I must admit the insanity storm that has hit is pretty amazing. The game was announced days ago and people are calling for a boycott based on assumptions of what the netcode will be. I show a bit of optimism, based on the XII patch and my positive experiences with said netcode, and I’m labelled a fanboy. Wow. People really need to calm down. Is there even a way to prove objectively how good netcode is? Everyone will have a different experience based on their location, connection, etc.

      I’ve preordered the game because I’ve had the chance to play it and found it to be an excellent title, not because I’m a fanboy.

  • No one has to give reasons why they’s their money.My problem is that time to time i want to see some critics toward XIII(when they need to be adressed).Only prasing playmore or XIII won’t give us a better title.Calling XII online decent and wanting me to be optimistic about it being implemented in XIII is a joke.I care about this game that’s why i want all the weird stuff to be adressed since Atlus said they will comunicate with the community.

    “Everyone will have a different experience based on their location, connection, etc.”
    That is bullshit.A good online must be good for everybody not only when is a clear moon and when pigs sing.Like i said i do not know anyone that dared to defend or say that XII online was decent, if in some particular cases it worked it must have been an accident.I booted XII tonight and guess what – no one plays it.BB CT is still played to this day and has excellent code.
    Keeping it real and addressing the problems will get us (maybe) a good game.Fanboysm will make playmore think they can get away with every shit they put up.
    Stay free

    • In the forums, an Atlus rep stated that netcode development started with the post-patch XII netcode. This means that they’re using that code and improving upon it. I haven;t experienced perfect netcode. BBCT is the best I’ve seen.

      You should try logically discussing things with people rather than flipping out and resorting to name calling.

    • As a side note, I also want XIII to be great. I prefer to have more details before making assumptions.

  • i can’t control it :)) too much hype

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