ReveLAtions stream archive

Level Up has posted the archival footage containing the KOF XIII top 4. Skip ahead an hour and twenty-eight minutes for the action.

Part 1

Watch live video from Level|Up Live on

Part 2

Watch live video from Level|Up Live on

I’m in awe of how well this went. Special thanks to THE ANSWER, Kane317, Giby and Dark Geese. You guys all did a wonderful job representing both the site and our community. I absolutely loved the commentary by THE ANSWER and Kane317. Really great job! Also, shout outs to those who watched it live. Shout outs to all of the players, especially the top 4. Those were some amazing matches! And, finally, thanks to Alex Valle, ReveLAtions, Tournament Legacy and Level Up for allowing us to have a side tournament and stream time.


  • Thanks again for running this guys. Was a lot of fun getting a chance to play the game again and to see some really good matches. Looking forward to more of this at Evo.

  • Do NOT support Revelations or ANY of Tournament Legacy’s tournaments ! FUCK THEM!!

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