EVO KOFXIII side tournament results

In the wake of all of the news regarding The King of Fighters XIII, it was easy to forget that those lucky enough to be at EVO this year had a tournament. There were 50 entrants, which is pretty damned good for a side tournament. And to think THE ANSWER stated that he would be happy with 32 entrants on Drive Cancel Radio!

Top 6
2. Romance
3. Mr. KOF
4. Reynald
5. El Rosa (Mex)
6. Xian from Singapore

Special thanks to Atlus and SNK Playmore for supporting the tournament and the community and to Orochinagi.com and SNK-Capcom for co-sponsoring the tournament with Dream Cancel.


  • Nice to see street fighter players taking the game seriously (Xian)

  • SuperVSBattle in Europe will start in 2 weeks and will also have a side tournaments.
    Is there anyone from US going there?

    • Would love to go if i could afford it….

      And i was wondering, around ho much money would i need for a trip to europe? for around 4-5 days i guess?

      Doesn’t matter if you say dollars or euros. Thanks!

  • Please tell me this was recorded. I’m sure it was epic.

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