• Scrubs are a very fickle bunch these days. The moment they see a single combo video featuring a 100% damage combo they will be the first to cry out “OMGZ it’s teh broken!” or “(insert character or move) is broken and needs to be nerfed!” Do these combo videos really help build hype or are they turning people off before they play the game?

    Being a veteran of the fighting game genre for 2 decades now, I can understand that the videos are intended to display the freedom and flexibility of the fighting engine. I also understand that while the people who are performing the combos in the videos make it LOOK easy, it takes a great deal of practice and surgical execution to pull off consistently and under fire in a match. A large number of fans of versus fighting games’ may NOT such a discerning eye – they are the most vocal in the scene, screaming “nerf!”

  • The only problem I have with this is that it’s the PC hack version… =/

  • counting the days to play on the PS3

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