Upcoming changes

Dream Cancel will be one year old on July 23rd. It seems like a good idea to reevaluate the site and everything we’re doing. The first change we’ve made is eliminating the chat room. IRC does not fit in well with the Dream Cancel community and there are well-established IRC channels that cover SNKPlaymore games (i.e. #SNKPlaymore on EfNet.) In place of the chat room, we’ve added the toolbar at the bottom of the site which has a chat feature which will be useful for our online events. That toolbar has our social media links as well as a search feature.

We’ve also improved the forum’s handling of YouTube videos. YT videos are easily embedded by pasting in the video’s URL in a forum post. I’m currently looking into other improvements for the forum software.

Finally, there may be some staff changes. We’re discussing shuffling moderators and adding a few new ones to accommodate the influx of players who are interested in KOFXIII now that a console release is on the horizon.


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