Welcome to year two of Dream Cancel!

Yesterday marked the ending of the first year of the Dream Cancel community. There’s a lot that happened in year one that I am extremely proud of. Our membership grew immensely and the sense of community here is nothing short of amazing. Every time I log in, I read over every new post and I am generally amazed by the amount of knowledge that our members possess and how freely it is shared. I’m also quite happy with the breadth of online games played. Whether it’s Desmond’s first-to-10 series, solidshark’s SNK Vintage Ranbats, Jinxhand’s NGBC events or steamwolf’s Fatal Fury Saturdays. Thanks to everyone who signed up and helped to build this community.

Looking to the future
Now, it’s time to look forward to year two. We have a few missions for the future. We will continue to expand the KOF community. That’s why we’re here, plain and simple. We will increase the number of online KOF players. These two goals are related, to a degree. With the release of KOFXIII in a few months, I’m sure both will happen organically, but we’ll be here to give it that extra push.

On the topic of KOFXIII, I have some pretty big plans for that game’s release. I’ll announce that after the game’s release, once the netcode has been tested. Just know that now is the time to go back and play some 98/UM, 2K2/UM or XI to get ready. Until XIII is released, the future is now!


  • t3h mAsTarOth...!

    I already pre-ordered my copy of KOF XIII for the PS3 system… Anxiously looking forward to getting the home version in my hands… I already got Ralf and Billy… All I want now is Iori 98… While waiting, I’ve been playing KOF 2K2 with Clark, Iori, Billy… and KOF XI with Tizoc, Eiji, Kula… and ofcourse KOF XIII on the computer and at the arcades with mainly Ralf… Testing out a bit of everyone else to get the feel of the game…

  • Yeah, let’s get those offline events going strong, too!!! America, we have no more reasons to not pick up and master KOFXIII… We’ve gotta man up and level up beyond that of the other popular regions known for strong KOF players…

    Those coming from VF5, KOF is the 2D version, so there’s tons of things to learn in the game (and you can count frames all day). Those coming from SSF4AE, or some form of SF, KOF is just as fun, but you gotta get those jumps and spacing down. Don’t worry about no FADC, HD cancels are much better. Those coming from Tekken, you got all kinds of combos. Those GG/BB/AH3 players, this game is more mobile than SF4, it just doesn’t have IAD– sorry. But it’s still fun and rewarding, like Battle Fantasia, hopefully with better netcode though. Those coming from SCIV (or still playing SC2), Elizabeth and Billy Kane have weapons, so start whacking away, lol…

    Let’s build the hype people!!! UMVC3 might very well leave a sour taste in peoples’ mouths, just like SF4 has for some. KOF should be the sanctuary that many old school 2D fighting game players and newcomers have been looking for… Let’s show them that, and step that game up so we can finally become a strong KOF Haven!!!

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