A few images from KOFXIII story mode

As the hype train for The King of Fighters XIII picks up even more speed, players are engaged in a lot of speculation regarding console exclusive characters. Here are a few screenshots from the console story mode which shows a few popular characters:

Source: TheGreatOne’s Twitter


  • Wow, can only hope they are all in the game as playable characters!

  • Spoiler!!! I believe they had heidren at the end of the arcade version. It would great to see him back at it again. I’m sure Blue Mary has a good chance of showing up since she is a could candidate for Billy Kane Team. I’d also love to see Vanessa’s team come back too so I hope they do have them. Can’t wait!!!

  • Dear gawd I hope this means what I think it means. Vanessa, Blue Mary and Ramon in this game? (One of my favorite teams ever created)

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