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We’re in the process of making changes as we prepare for the release of The King of Fighters XIII for console. After the announcement, we’ve seen an increase in the number of user registrations and spam accounts. The entire team is working hard to squash the spammers and improve the community.

A few of the recent changes have been apparent such as the toolbar at the bottom of the site. The main feature of the toolbar is the chat room. We will use it for all online events and for general real-time discussion. I’ve also revamped the Online Player Listing into a Netplay page. This page provides information on how to play classic games online.

The most recent change is regarding the staff. Kane317 is now a Global Moderator. He will now be a moderator for the entirety of the forum. His new duties will include maintaining a gameplay focus in the forum and working with me to improve the site and community as a whole.

Desmond Delaghetto will now be part of the KOFXIII moderator team. With the upcoming release of XIII, it’s extremely important that the XIII section be kept on track and clean, and Desmond will be a great addition to this team.

Site direction
Now, let’s talk about the future of Dream Cancel and the greater KOF community. I feel that it’s very important that we, as a community, unite behind XIII. The KOF community has been spread out over different titles for years. The real strength of the Street Fighter community is that they rally behind the latest game and that creates a unified front. KOFXIII is our opportunity to do that. It’s a great game, has a lot of hype and deserves to be the poster game for the community. More than that, the KOF community needs it.

In order for Dream Cancel to do its part, the homepage has shifted to primarily XIII coverage. Expect that to continue and maybe even expand. There are a lot of plans for online events in XIII once it drops. I am also considering rearranging the forum to reflect this new focus.

Finally, I’d like to thank the Dream Cancel community. When I reflect upon the first year, things have been pretty great. The community here is respectful and excited to share information. I think that says a lot for all of you. Thanks.

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  • “The KOF community has been spread out over different titles for years. The real strength of the Street Fighter community is that they rally behind the latest game and that creates a unified front. KOFXIII is our opportunity to do that.”
    I like that idea. Personally im gonna try to be more involved this time around (KOF12 was a huge letdown for me)

  • Although im new, i like the idea of rallying behind XIII. Im getting bored with SFIV and im looking forward to meeting new people and becoming a strong Kof player, so im willing to join in the Kof XIII movement.

  • I agree KOFXIII is definitely a strong title coming to console and I think many are going to get behind this one I like SF but KOF has always had the better characters in my opinion so its really enjoyable. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what kind of community KOF will be after this release. I’m glad that I found out about Dream Cancel cause this is definitely is going to make that experience even better.

  • t3h mAsTarOth...!

    I think this is a great idea. I think KOF XIII is the best game of the series. It has every good aspect of every other KOF *besides XI tag*. Therefore, I would love to see the entire KOF community join together from all around the world and support the game. I myself am planning on starting a Facebook page for my surrounding area to attract new players towards the game. I hope KOF XIII becomes greatly successful all across the world and it is taken seriously by all the top KOF players.

  • This is agreat idea and you guys are doing a great job… keep up the good work. I along with my fellow Canadian residents will help in any way we can.

  • Hell yeah!! KOF community, UNITE!!!!!

  • I am completely amateur in my KOF skills, but I have been playing since 95. I am definitely getting involved in the KOFXIII community this time around. XII really let people down, but this one is showing signs of greatness!
    Can’t wait.

  • I love KOFXIII. I think it great to expand the community. I love the site and will do what I can to help support you guys =D

    Only suggestion I would ask is the forums. Under Character Discussion, I think each character needs their own subforum. It feels a bit messy when trying to find things, like videos/key combos/discussion in general. It’d be nice to click on a character and find threads for videos separate from discussion. Maybe I’m being nitpicky, if so, just ignore me, lol. Keep up the great work!

  • KOFXII was a bad time for people to get interested in KOF, that’s why we have to show them that KOFXIII will out beat it and More. So i agree with that idea and help in anyway :D

  • We got your back! Yosh!

  • Sorry, dudes. But this site lacks a lot in the tutorial department (so far). Even the rough sketch of KOF XIII wiki on shoryuken is much better (, since it for example shows the registered/necessary inputs. Also, you should elaborate on tricky inputs (like kara throws, p-linking) if such stuff on KOF XIII exists. To be “big” it is also essential to produce a few cool combo videos instead of just linking (like in case of “dont drop that combo” who btw uses a certain leak as you can see on andy video).
    I would love a big KOF XIII page, but you might consider to join forces with snk-capcom and orochinagi. Maybe a grand forum? no need to split unnecessary.

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