The EVO Report from THE ANSWER

Evo logoThis past weekend, and united forces to bring a KOF XIII side tournament to EVO as it was not part of the official lineup this year. Overall this was the best event we had so far event thou we couldn’t get the top 4 on stream due to the time schedule. The event that I dreamed of as I fell asleep in the back of Nocturnal’s car as we drove back from even became true and it exceeded my expectations, we had over 50 participants and top players to many different countries such as France, Singapore, Japan and Mexico which is something I never expected. As I said in a previous podcast, I would have been more than pleased to have 32 participants so this makes me very happy.

Before mentioning anything else I want to thank all the people who helped make this possible:

Kane317: for helping with the bracket, seeding and running around to find players.

Giby: for bringing an extra setup, fundraising money for a bonus pot, helping with the registrations and prices.

Nocturnal: for helping configure the second setup when Giby was not around and finding people.

Atlus: for sponsoring the tournament and providing prices for the top 4.

iPLAYWINNER: thank you for offering to stream the top 4.

nilcam: thanks for your support and keeping people up to date on dreamcancel.

MrWizard and EVO staff: for allowing us to make this possible and organizing EVO.

Gunsmith: Thank you for organizing the community on the other side of the pond and sending one of your best to represent at EVO.

#snkplaymore guys: Thank you for showing up. Laban it was a pleasure meeting you and your group. Let’s take this as the first step in uniting all of the KOF communities across the country.

Team Chaos: As always guys thank you for your support and making the effort to come all the way out here.

There were a few minor issues that have been blow out of proportion and I would like to address:
1. BALA and RJ: There was an issue in the early rounds in a match between BALA and RJ. What happened was that in their first match, RJ had a huge lead over BALA to the point of almost OCVing him and, just as the match is about to be over and BALA was down to about 20% health, he raises his hand and says the button is not working. I am right behind the setup when this happen (looking at the back of the monitor). I see everybody very confused and I immediately go to Kane317 and he explains what happened. I went to BALA and asked him to tell me what happened. He shares his side of the story and so does R. I ask Kane317 to go to the back with me where Giby is on a podcast since this was going to be a judge ruling. We go over the scenario with Giby and we all agree that we need to give RJ the point. I head straight back to them and explain to BALA that we will give RJ the point. BALA tries to explain again what happened and all I said was “I’m sorry but we already made the decision.” At this point RJ steps in and says “No, his stick didn’t work, I don’t want the point” and per RJ’s request they replay the match. Whether people agree
with the outcome or think this as a bad sportsmanship act from BALA, all we can be responsible for is that, as the event organizers, we made the decision that we felt was correct and was declined by both parties involved. As far as I am concerned that is all we judges should be responsible for.

2. Xian and the second setup: Giby provided a second setup which used PS2 converters, unfortunately this converters caused some very noticeable lag which was immediately detected by the competitors. A lot of the participants such as Mr.KOF refused to play on that setup for the finals. One of the benefits to this setup was that we were able to reconfigure the button layout which was something we could not do on the main setup; this helped us accommodate a player named Xian who came from Singapore and played on a very unique button layout. I had to play Xian in my 3rd match; I decided to set the example and chose to play him on the second lagging setup even when the odds were against me. As expected I ended up losing but that’s okay, I’d rather lose that way than beat my opponent with an unfair advantage. Yoshi, another strong player from Team Chaos, had to face Xian next, he also chose to play on the second setup so that Xian can play comfortably. He put a good match but his fate was the same as mine. Mr.KOF faced him next and managed to beat him in a very close match and as he walked away he said “I’m not playing on that setup anymore.” Once the finals came around and Romance had to face Xian next, Romance asked to play on the main setup as he noticed that Xian had an overwhelming advantage on the second setup. We flipped a coin and let the winner decide where would the match be played. The winner was Romance and he chose the first setup. As a surprise to no one, Romance easily won the match and Xian was eliminated. Some people might judge Romance for choosing to play on the first setup but I don’t. I think if I was in his shoes I would have done the same thing since it the finals.

Another subject that I would like to briefly touch since this is a very sensitive topic is racism and discrimination. There was a brief conversation at EVO about me possibly not doing the commentary for the special event that was streamed because people online think that I have a Mexican accent and don’t like tone of my voice. I almost agreed to not do it but I quickly reconsider and said no, this cannot happen. Some members like nilcam know how strongly I feel about discrimination and racism. All I will say is that I might not have the voice of a sports broadcaster and there’s nothing I can do about my accent, but I sure know my KOF! lol!

I am very happy with the results and the way the event turnout, and to everybody who came over and thanked me for making this happen, I thank you for supporting this event because without everybody who didn’t place in the top 6 this would have not happened. I feel that the KOF community made a good impression at EVO this year and should be consider to be part of the main lineup at EVO next year.

So what’s next? Well for the moment I will lay low for a few weeks, to focus on my personal affairs such as my job and my marriage till the console release, but I will support any events any of my comrades might organize. Once the console version of the game comes out, expect to see me back in the trenches for you guys, as I will be hosting SoCal Regionals in November and another “little” event that is in the works for January.

– Oscar
Event Organizer


  • Desmond Delaghetto

    i dont think its a good idea to use the excuse of racism and discrimination because people don’t feel your a good commentator.

    • Desmond but in his defense I have seen multiple times the chats of what people say in regards to his commentary I’ve seen it on the chats for ReveLAtions and other stuff in the past, there are just simply some racist people out there and it disgusts me as well. This is something I notice on every stream even the SouthTown one, the overt racism in regards to Mexicans in general.

  • don’t confuse hate with honest opinion/criticism.

    • Yes I say don’t confuse the hate with that, but he does have a point. I have seen with my own eyes the racist derogatory remarks they give him simply because of his accent alone from the chats guys. So you have to look at this as something valid in addition to everything else you guys are saying.

  • Personally, I don’t think Oscar is a bad commentator per se, but I honestly feel that him and I don’t make a good pair since we have similar styles (technical) and as far as I know, you’re meant to have one technical and one colored commentator.

  • Yep, people just didn’t like the commentary. Simple as that.

    Look at Chris Hu for proof, the guy’s accent is as heavy as they come but ppl still love his commentary,

    • But it’s not simple as that. If it was as simple as that then can’t they express that without a racist overtone?

      You can give constructive criticism without a racist overtone would you guys not agree? I’ve seen racist overtones in regards to this stuff as XTG has seen and Oscar as well. I simply do not have the time nor the patience for that type of behavior.

  • Kaede The Seiryu

    KOF XIII will do for “SNK community” like Street Fighter 4 did for “Capcom community”.

    *P.S. I dont know if you guys notice that but, in SNK USA website ( ) I have seen that image showing Magaki and Shion –
    Is merely a “montage” (is like KOF XI’s illustration) or these two will be confirmed in KOF XIII?

  • Yeah, ya gotta have a dedicated play by play person and a color commentary person to have a generally successful run at commentating, but I’ve seen the disgusting remarks keyboard commando’ed away on the chat from any stream that Oscar is commentating on. It is revolting. I’m glad that nonsense didn’t stop him from commentating. I know firsthand how much this man loves KOF. For Fuck’s sake, he was a founding member of another smaller gaming group aimed almost solely on KOF and then included SVC & Garou sometime after. This isn’t ESPN/FOX Sports/GOL TV/VERSUS/whatever but I am sure the level of fighting game commentary will get to the level rivaling that of Magic/FPS/RTS/Live Sports with some effort. What is not acceptable are blatant and grotesque racial remarks being thrown to, basically, a community leader.

    • This guys is correct, if you pay attention to the chats when anyone Mexican period is playing in the chats, be it BALA at ReveLAtions, Oscar chatting etc, the first thing you notice is racist this is not just limited to Oscar, but it is something that is a valid concern.

  • I’d ignore the hate. If they don’t like the commentary, they can watch the thing on mute. I feel like the ungrateful people who want to make snide comments don’t have the balls to put their voice up for any other troll to say something. It’s commendable really. If you’re trying, that’s the most important. To hell with everything else.

    • Dude this is why I don’t bother with commentary and why I have “pulled back” on my efforts in general in may different aspects. I have told people it’s not easy commentating but yet people expect you to be an expert. He is doing it for free and
      1. While constructive criticism is nice, they should also qualify the constructive criticism and make it truly constructive by saying “We appreciate all the hard work you are putting in Oscar and know this is something you are doing for free” I assure people if they try it that way it will be better received. Otherwise I side with Oscar 100% stuff like this partly does not make you want to deal with the drama of it anymore. I personally say if someone feels they can do better feel free to step up, but until then be a little more sensitive in regards to your “constructive criticism”.

      2.The racism- Again, people need to separate this from their constructive criticism. Instead they lump it all together. Saying someones accent is why they arent a good commentator sorry guys but that’s racism anyway you want to paint it. That has nothing to do with the content and that is simply a racist remark. If they don’t like his commentary state that, but putting it under a racist undertone is the major problem here.

  • Thank you for helping to coordinate this event! It was a blast to watch the matches. I’m sorry the set-ups were such a pain. Hopefully, the situation will be rectified with the console release of KOF XIII. Until then, enjoy that time to yourself. You and the rest of the crew earned it.

  • Racism in a stream is nothing new. It’s no different than when people usually act like jackasses in forums/chats. There is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it except ignore them. Their main purpose is to get a rise out of you. I don’t even know why people take the chatrooms so seriously as to get offended at every little comment; this is exactly the kind of reaction they want from you. Expecting a chatroom to be free of racism is like expecting the world to be free of racism. Just do your thing. It’s not like what they say really matters.

  • Racism from the chat stream should be ignored, it’s always going to happen, much like unplanned pregnancies.

    There are two ways to run commentary:

    #1. Dictator style, do what you want

    #2. Listen to the fans

    Method 1 is easy and if you have good sense you put a pair who complement each other: one technical + one lively character. Even better when they are understandable, clear and well paced.

    Method 2 is harder but keeps people coming to your stream and not another’s. To settle this I would put up a sample of each commentator and let the fans decide. Or just go with #1

    Commentator complaints are valid, wrestling commentators have been made and broken because of audience reaction.

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