KOFXIII console trailer and details

First, the new console trailer:

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGFl1BSXhtU&feature=player_embedded#!

Next up some details from MMCafe:

-Blog has no story details in order to avoid spoilers
-The story mode tells the various stories that were too much to be covered in the arcade version, and it runs in a visual novel format. It consists of fighting game parts and visual novel parts.

-In the fighting game parts, you pick a team of your choice and take on the tournament. There’s a 3-on-3 dialogue between teams before the matches with tidbits that’s sure to please fans. And of course, the result of the match will have an effect on the storyline.

-The visual novel part tells the game’s storyline from various character perspectives, mainly Ash, Adel, and Heidern. As well as ******, *******, and *************. (Names censored in blog, number of symbols mean nothing)

-Completed scenes can be viewed over again from the “Chapter menu” option. Producer Yamamoto says it’ll probably take hours to check out all of them.

-Aside from the storyline itself, another thing that people can look forward to is the various illustrations drawn just for this mode. And cameo characters that appear place to place. (Duck King image.)

-When asked if there’s “variations” depending on how the game is progressed, Producer Yamamoto’s reply was vague, saying that “There’s been a crazy amount of effort put into this story mode”.

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