ON: Shin Kyo and Mr. Karate leaked

Orochinagi.com is reporting that the entire DLC line up for The King of Fighters XIII have been leaked. Saiki, Classic Iori and Billy Kane will be joined by Shin Kyo and Shin Mr. Karate.

Update: Gunsmith has spoken to Rising Star Games and posted this information:

Spoke to RSG. Nothing is confirmed or denied. There are still conflicting informations floating about but it does seem quite genuine. Or a really really good fake? Only time and an official announcement will make sure, so the waiting continues…

Source: Orochinagi.com


  • I R disappoint. Come on SNK! Give us something to sink our teeth in!

  • To tell the truth, I’m not that excited for them. I would’ve preferred other KOFXI characters/teams.

  • yeah for real! where’s vanessa and oswald? SNK is taking a note from capcom and giving us Oni and Evil Ryu, LAME! and correct me if i’m wrong, BUT ISN’T MR. KARATE ALREADY IN THE GAME? lol goddamn it.

    oh well, still non stop hype for console version!!!! but this is disappointing.

    • I wouldn’t say SNK is doing what Capcom did with SF4 AE with Oni and Evil Ryu, Since as u can see KOFXIII is pretty much right around the corner and there’s no way they can make like 3 completely different characters with so little time. Its kinda lame but its understandable

  • Where’s Ex Chin!? =(

  • Jeez…I’m going to be able to run my entire classic KoF team in this game (punch chain Kyo, Iori ’98, and K’)!

  • well not that impressed with hese new entries but better than nothing. I still like Iori xii xiii and kyo xii xiii so i dont care so much xP

  • Need moar female characters imo

    I would like to see Rock Howard or Geese

    I’m ready to see that HD Raging Storm

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  • Since the arcade release this is what they came up with? A bunch of clone characters? Personally I hate shin and version characters. Often times they make the other versions obsolete. I thought we would see some Yamazaki or Geese for fun. Just Billy is really kind of sad.

    But I digress SNKP you already have my money.

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