Debunking the Arcadia article: UPDATE 10/3

UPDATE: SNKP and Arcadia magazine has issued an apology for the error in the article. Thanks for the tip Professor.

From The Professor at MMCafe:

Billy may be usable only on the PS3 version, whereas Saiki only on the Xbox360. That’s what some people are assuming, after reading the latest issue of Arcadia magazine. The magazine is obviously wrong, but given that it’s a major publication, it’s definitely going to cause headaches to SNKP regardless of whether it’s correct or not.

Text on top:
“The Xbox 360 version and the PS3 version has different usable character(s), so be careful about that point as well.”

Text on the side:
“Billy is usable on the PS3 version. Just like his costume, he can use his classic moves from the past. And in addition, he’s gained new normal attacks and EX specials, and these elements allows him to move quite differently from his past renditions!”

My personal assumption is that the build that Arcadia was using was the same as the demo at Tokyo. (Billy default on PS3 and Saiki needs unlocking, Saiki default on 360 and Billy needs unlocking). SNKP’s official 13CS site says nothing about them being exclusive to a console.

This is simply a misunderstanding. The proof is in the EVO videos, such as this one:

On the character select screen, both Billy and Saiki are playable on the same system.

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