Killing time until the release of The King of Fighters XIII

Today was supposed to be the day. We would all have gotten the call that the game would be in today. We would be rejoicing in the glory that is KOFXIII and testing online tonight. Sadly, this was not to be. The game was delayed a month, leaving the players with 30 extra days of time to kill as we wait for Nov. 22. Here’s a guide to help you kill some time.

1. Prepare your system for online play.
The truth is fighting games need a wired, port forwarded connection for best results, regardless of the system you use. Go out and buy an ethernet cable. Find a local computer store or buy it online. Avoid chains because those guys tend to mark up cables by 300% or so.

The next step is to forward the necessary ports. Here are links to guides for PS3 and Xbox 360.

2. Practice your fundamentals on older KOFs
It’s far too easy to wait for XIII. Don’t do that. There are tons of older games that are easily played online and will allow you to work on your fundamentals. Hit up GGPO/Supercade/ArcLive for the classic arcade games, especially 98 and 2002. If you don’t like using a PC or don’t use Windows, both consoles have games for you. 360 has 2002UM which has decent online. While the online is not the best, the game is quite solid and fluid. If PS3 is your flavor, hit up KOF96. The online is quite good, but the game is quite challenging. It’s pretty raw but the basics still apply. If you get good at 96, your execution in XIII will be incredible.

If none of these appeal to you, pull out the PS2 and hit up KOFXI. This game gets people hyped and for good reason.

3. Study, study, study
There is a ton of information out there regarding the console changes along with videos to show the changes. Study these. Hit up the tutorials section in the navigation for articles covering everything from the basics to alternate guard. Knowledge is power!

Visit and watch the ON Show, Kane317 and Metaphysics’ match analysis and all of the content Giby and Nocturnal produce. is quickly becoming an invaluable tool for the KOF community. We’re also working on a Dream Cancel Live show to be broadcast on

5. The countdown timer
This is the most important advice. DO NOT STARE AT THE COUNTDOWN TIMER!


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