KOF 96 out on Neo Geo Station

As we patiently, or impatiently, await The King of Fighters XIII release on consoles, SNKPlaymore has released The King of Fighters 96 on the Neo Geo Station. It’s another activity to occupy your time and it sure as hell beats staring at the countdown timer. Remember: A watched pot never boils. Get online and play some games! Show off all of the techniques you’ve learned from PhoeniX’s articles! Show off your fighting spirit!


  • Desmond Delaghetto

    ggs to nilcam, the connection was great, i didn’t feel anything weird. i wish this netcode was on 98UM and 2002UM…and it better be good on KOFXIII. I also played another guy kimkaphan from I don’t know where, and had a good solid connection!

  • Actually the 2002UM connection is a lot better since they’ve been tinkering with it. For some reason when I went to play 96 I felt disoriented playing it. Might just be cause I just played 2002UM a few hours ago or the PS2 Neo Geo Joystick might have some extra lag on it with the converter I’m using, but everything felt a little off.

    • Homies Over Shotos

      Are you using a cheap converter? The converters I know that have no lag are as followed

      InPin Converter. made in Korea ask Laugh on Shoryuken for this.
      Pelican Converter released near launch. Near Impossible to find now
      Sumomo Converter was near lagless from what I”m told.

  • Actually the converter I use is technically for my arcade cabinet. I’m using a Sega Saturn Dual Joystick (really liked the look and feel of it) and converted it for 360. To do this I have to use 2 converters (Saturn to PS2, PS2 to 360) It has no lag on the xbox when I use it. It just happens to have a switch to use the PS3 as well. I used the old Neo Geo Joystick just cause I had one laying around, but really never played much online on the PS3 (really which would you play on arcade cabinet or regular TV setup?).

    I did play 95 before online and it didn’t seem too bad but then again my 95 playing days were around 95 – 96. I’m rusty enough to where I wouldn’t notice as much. 96 I played a lot more. Again might just be me. Might be a bad occurance, or just that I am used to xbox lag so PS3 lag feels way different to me.

    • Homies Over Shotos

      So you’re using the Sega Virtua High Grade sticks from the Saturn era? I heard those are high quality.

      Let me take a guess. The Saturn to Playstation 2 converter is a Superjoy converter. Some of those were good, but some also had input delay. Also from what I hear there’s no 360 converters that prevent lag so you’re probably getting some lag somewhere between those two converters.

      It’s also a lot more apparent when you get something that’s a lot stricter on timing such as 96. I use a fight pad, and a custom happ with an InPin and they do not have lag. But after playing a lot of 3rd strike, the amount of precision almost seems nuts in 96.

  • Sanwa parts. Looks and plays like it’s straight off of a Astro City Cabinet. I love it.

    Nope not a superjoy, KEIO. I’m very lag sensitive when I play cause I work off of strict timing pokes and footsies rather then racking up combos. They promised no lag for the 360 and I’ll admit there is none unless you leave the converter plugged in without letting it reset itself by unplugging and re-plugging it in after a boot up. I did experience some then.

    96 had it’s own lag, simply coming from them trying to do too much with too little memory. I got it on Neo Geo AES and it had slowdown times there like Kyo’s Flame Punches. It’s harder for me to remember which lag is which when I don’t get to play as much 96 as much as newer games like the UM series.

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