UPDATED revisions: Latest KOFXIII blog post translated by The Professor

The Professor from MMCafe comes through again with a translation of the recent SNKP blogpost detailing balance changes to The King of Fighters XIII.

Changes in game system:
– The Hitstun on normal jump attacks have been reduced. (Meaning it’s harder to do combos)
– Special attacks in the air have generally been adjusted to come out faster, so combos from canceling normal moves in the air that could be done in the arcade version can still be done.

– Etincelle (qcf+P) builds up less meter
– Ex Reverie-Geler (qcb+P) has a longer recovery time on a success. Because of that, normal moves can’t be used to make an additional hit. The recovery time can be canceled with a special.
– An Ex version of her Reverie-Souhaiter (qcb+K) and Reverie-Prier (qcf+K) have been added in the game. It’s invincible while in movement and cancelable with a special. What’s more, the special will automatically come out as an Ex version without the cost of a meter. However, supers are an exception and will not turn into an Ex.
* Grand Rafale’s (qcf,hcb+P) damage has been dropped from 200 to 150.
– Noble-Blanche (qcf*2+P) has longer invincibility.
– Ex Noble-Blanche’s hitbox has been changed so that it’s easier to get in all the multiple hits. With this change, it lands full hit in the corner.
* Grand Rafale has more Max cancelable frames.

Producer Yamamoto says:
With the new Ex version of Reverie-souhaiter and Reverie-prier, she has more options for attacks. It can even be used as a sort of running throw with Mistral (hcb~f+P), so please try things out. Grand Rafale’s damage has been reduced to 150, but it can be Max canceled even after the first hit now. Also, Noble-Blanche can be Max canceled as well, so it can be used in various situations such as the finishing touch on combos.

* Crouching A > Crouching C is a chain combo. Can be canceled.
* Normal Buster Wolf’s (qcf x2+P) dashing speed is now identical to the EX version. But the Invincibility is the same as before.
– Far D’s recovery time has been reduced.
– Standing CD’s hit detection lasts a bit longer.
* Trinity Geyser’s (qcb~hcf+P) hitbox has been changed so that it actually hits 3 times.

Producer Yamamoto says:
We’ve mainly buffed up his normals, and he can do solid combos with the addition of chains. Also, His Trinity Geyser’s hitbox has been changed, and he can also hit the opponent afterwards in the corner.

– Crouching C’s recovery time has been reduced.
– Kirikabugaeshi’s (qcf+C) recovery time on a whiff has been reduced. Doesn’t cause a knockback when blocked.
* EX Chou Ukemi (qcb+BD) can be canceled with a special or a super. Meaning that Goro can go straight into a throw from his invincible roll.
* Kirikabugaeshi (hcf+C) and Kumotsukaminage (hcf+A) can be drive canceled.
* A super cancel version of Jigoku-Gokurakuotoshi (hcb*2+ P) has been added to the game.
* EX Chou Oosotogari’s (dp+BD) recovery time on a whiff has been reduced.

Producer Yamamoto says:
As a judo fighter, we’ve strengthened his grab attacks. You need to super cancel, but he can combo his Jigoku-Gokurakuotoshi from all sorts of grab attacks. He can even do HD combos with just grab attacks, so please try them out.

* Ex Screw Upper (qcf x2+P) will stay in position when it hits. With this change, Joe can’t be punished afterwards when he hits the opponent with it in the corner.
* Sliding can be canceled with his Bakuretsuken (rapid P). But not with any other specials.
* Hit detection will remain on the opponent after his sliding hits. Again, it can’t be canceled with anything but his Bakuretsuken, but he can go into HD mode from the slide.
* Slash Kick (hcf K) can be drive canceled.
– EX Tiger Kick (Ex dp+K) comes out faster. Has strong invincibility in the front.
– Screw Straight (qcf x2+K) comes out faster. It has no invincibility and it has the same shot limit as projectiles. (Probably means that you can’t do it while there’s another projectile on the screen.)

Producer Yamamoto says:
He can actually juggle other attacks aside from his Bakuretsuken after his slide so please try them from going into HD mode from his slide and whatnot. Also, his EX Screw Upper has been changed so you can use it in the corner without worrying. He does things a bit differently on a Max Cancel too.

– Ryo travels more forward when doing his Ko’ouken.
* Ryo’s parries– the Joudannuke (f+B) and Gedannuke (df+B) are faster (shorter overall frames). Gedannuke in particular is very fast and it can even be used for strings. (by canceling normals)
* Fierce Zanretsuken (f~b~f+C) recovers faster on a hit. It can be comboed to a weak Kohken (qcf A) in the corner.
* Standalone f +A Hyouchuuwari (meaning, not from a cancel) comes out faster.
– Weak Koho’s (dp+P) rising time/hit detection time has been reduced. But the move itself is faster, so it can be used for more various occasions.
* Weak Koho can be drive canceled and allows for juggling.
– Haou Shoukouken (f~hcf+P) comes out faster. It can be comboed from a normal fierce, or even be used as an anti-projectile.

Producer Yamamoto says:
We’ve mainly buffed up his defense, and it brings justice to his nickname “The invincible dragon”. Ryo’s unique moves, the Joudannuke and Gedannuke, have been dramatically changed. His Gedannuke is especially fast, and aside from using it for defense, it can also be used to reduce his recovery on attacks. His Weak Koho’s motion is also faster than before, and it can be used in HD combos.

Andy Bogard
* Normal/high jump D has better hitbox for use in crossups.
* Close C hits twice. The first hit has no knockback so his Hirate Uchi (forward + A) will combo without whiffing.
* B>D is a chain combo. Can be canceled.
* Chou Reppadan’s (qcb~hcf+K) damage has been increased from 162 to 198.
– EX Kuhadan’s invincibility (Ex hcf K) has been taken out.
* Chou Shin Soku Zan’eiken (qcb~hcf+AC) NeoMax comes out faster.

Producer Yamamoto says:
We’ve focused on buffing him up around his cancelable chains, two hit C, and crossups. In particular, you no longer have to worry about his Hirate Uchi whiffing from close C. His Neomax is very fast so please check it out.

* Phoenix Bomb (from Cancel: f.B) has a different trajectory from arcade version and hits a crouching opponent as a combo from a normal fierce.
* Weak Phoenix Arrow’s (air qcb K) recovery time has been reduced, but it also causes a shorter Hitstun on the opponent.
* EX Psycho Teleport (Ex qcf K) can be canceled with a special or super. The Arcade version only allowed drive canceling at the second half of the move, but it no longer has that limit and it’s also a normal cancel now (doesn’t cost drive meter).
– Standing CD comes out faster.
* Shining Crystal Bit (hcb x2+P) doesn’t move back on execution.

Producer Yamamoto says:
Weak Phoenix Arrow has been balanced so that it can’t be punished with normal moves on a block. Since there’s less worries about it being punished, it should be effective to use it together with her buffed up Phoenix bomb, There’s other changes that Athena users should be happy about, like her standing CD and her Shining Crystal Bit.

* Geshiki Kui (df + C) has a larger hitbox than before. Easier to attack opponent from his command throw.
* Fierce Shogetsu (qcb+P) moves more forward. It combos in most situations after close C> Yumebiki(forward + A A).
* Yaotome (including EX) can’t be saferolled after it hits.
* EX Shogetsu’s invinciblity has been taken out. However, he’s still invincible on his legs.
– Fierce Akegarasu (qcb+K) has shorter recovery when blocked. Can’t be punished with normal moves.

Producer Yamamoto says:
With Fierce Shogetsu’s longer reach and Fierce Akegarasu’s shorter recovery, it’s easier to do strings and combos. His Yaotome can’t be saferolled so attacking on wakeups may become important. With his EX Akegarasu’s projectile invincibility and EX Yaotome’s long invincibility, we’ve designed him to be playable in a different style from Flame Iori. Enjoy this Claw Iori that’s a bit different from the arcade version.

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