Ex characters Mr. Karate and Kyo leaked?

Some mysterious footage has hit YouTube user shirakani’s channel, which claims to detail the upcoming DLC characters EX Kyo and EX Mr. Karate.

Mr. Karate

1) gained f+A command attack, canned 3 hit leftrightleft punch that is comboable into and from.
2) Ko’oh-ken is KOF2k2 Takuma style. Both A and C vers will combo. C ver does not guardcrush.
3) C ver Ko’oh-ken has a ‘followup dash’ (doubletap forward) that lets you cancel the recovery with a short dash forward… corner combo fun here.
4) C ver Kohou (dp+C) is brakable (A+B to brake).
5) new move, Hakyoujin (qcb+P), which is a high or low Geese style counter.
6) regained Shorankyaku (hcb+K) knee rush, with all properties from KOF98.
7) Hienshippukyaku (hcf+K) is an AIR MOVE only.
8) DM’s are HSKK, Ryukoranbu, and Marco’s big shiny uppercut from Garou MOTW.

EX Kyo

1) ex Kototsuki is no longer a command grab, it’s a short rush and grab. He does not have the Hikigane (boo).
2) df+D 1hit no longer cancellable
3) close C, f+B combos, and is comboable from ala KOF2k1. This will be his main combo starter.
4) ex Oniyaki does not rise into the air, and only hits 6 times vs 10 from regular Kyo
5) ex firefist is the Dokugami (qcf+C) and the final dp+C hit has the properties of the ex Oniyaki
6) lost Air Orochinagi
7) Gained Mu Shiki, cB, cA, Mu Shiki works ala KOF97/98
8) Neomax IS comboable from close C, f+B, regardless of how the startup looks.
9) 75 Kai (qcf+K,K) is no longer automatic, both K’s must be manually input like in old KOF. Range of the move is far shorter than regular Kyo, and it comes out slower like in KOF2k. You can drivecancel it from qcf+C for jugglefuns.
10) rdp+K is the R.E.D Kick as expected, overheads.

Is this legit? Only time will tell.


  • Im pretty sure its real. About a month ago there was that picture on the front page saying “here are you console exclusive characters: A different Iori, A different Kyo, A different Takuna, A different Ash, and Billy.” Lol, but im cool with that. Actual characters would be nice tho, instead of variations

  • Derp… I just hope SNK don’t mess up like they use to with Console-only characters… (a.k.a. Overpowered, dumb characters) :| comboable Neomax… *sigh*

    • Derp, “Comboable Neomax” is kind of a Typo (lol half-asleep) don’t mind that.

      • If SNK mess up whit OP console characters, alwais can realse a nerfhammer parch

        • Almost ALL NEOMAX movements in the game are, actually, “comboable” without need of Max Cancel.

          The balance of this game was very well done, no one needs to worry about these things in this game, because every little thing is gonna be allright in KOF XIII.

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