Happy KOFXIII day!

Finally, The King of Fighters is back on console. It’s been a long time coming, for sure. The countdown reads 0, our friends lists should be full of competitors and most of us will head out to a game shop to get our mitts on KOFXIII.

The reviews have been quite positive, including EGM, VenureBeat and even SRK.

What can I say, it’s a great day to be a KOF fan; it’s an even better day to be associated with the Dream Cancel community. You guys all rock and I look forward to facing all of you at some point.

Finally, here are some useful links once you’ve gotten some time in with the game:
PS3 player listing
Xbox 360 player listing
Don’t forget about the toolbar chat as a lot of match making will likely happen there.
One more thing, get your headsets charged! Voice communication rocks.

See you online!


  • So why doesn’t Dreamcancel host some kind of stream for XIII today?

  • We’re poverty! My streaming equipment died and the replacement hasn’t arrived yet. Beyond that, we want players playing, not watching. ;)

  • You could have made a topic on the forums asking for some help or maybe ask some people who do regular streams to do some kind of launch stream together.Nevermind..i see how much interest was put in this.That countdown timer was cool.take care!

  • I thought about that but without there being a spectator mode its kind of pointless

  • Forget it Sabin is doing one right now http://www.twitch.tv/nycfurby

  • Happy KOFXIII day indeed! For those who live in the right region… I still got me a week of waiting ahead . T_T
    It’s a pleasure to see that love is all around for this episode (even in the US… finally?).

    Some of the points raised by that Venturebeat article were a bit lame imho.
    Limited moveset? What?
    The ability to switch teammates on the fly is missed? Not by me or anyone I know.
    The visuals don’t quite give BlazBlue a run for its money (…) How so?

    Overall the review is still nice, compared to the IGN one, a joke.

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