The King of Fighters XIII: The final stretch

It’s almost here. In one week, we’ll have the game in hand and life will be beautiful.

Once you’ve optimized your console for online play, watched all of the videos available and memorized character move sets, here are a few activities to help fill in the time and be sure you’re ready for the big day.

Get your PSN ID ( or Xbox LIVE Gamertag ( listed in the forums. Add everyone on your preferred system to your friend list.

Once that’s done, sign up for the KOFXIII Grand Opening Online Tournament being run by community member MetalThrashingMadman. This event will be more than the first Dream Cancel online tournament. It’s an experiment to fully test the netcode and viability for more events.

Get your body ready!

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  • “Once you’ve optimized your console for online play…”

    As I’ve discovered a few months ago, this means a MINIMUM of about 20 mbps and a WIRED connection. 50 mbps is recommended and 100+ is BOSS! All must be wired for best performance.

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