Last, but certainly not least, XIII console change log video (UPDATED with translation)

Final XIII console change log video by SNKP, enjoy!

Translation by BioBooster

Hello everyone.

It’s the fourth character adjustment post.
Through all of these updates we’ve been informing you of the changes which stand out the most. Other changes which are not mentioned on the blog are everywhere. Please make sure to check them out! So this is the last round so the characters on the list are predetermined but figured we should do it till it’s done with random select! As such we’ve used it to flush out the order below. Remember, we had less than a 25% chance to land on these characters so there was quite a bit of time spent on the select screen…

(*)in the video

*Backstep goes into air status in 1 frame. It can now be used in reversal situations to aid in providing options for escaping wake up attacks.
-Guard gauge replenish and rate: Gauge regain after blocking an attack occurs earlier than in the arcade, but the rate of regain is slower than in the arcade.

*Air EX qcb.P starts up faster
*s.B>C is now a target combo. Follow ups possible after it hits.
*His punch super is now a 1 frame throw
*When air qcb.P hits, it can be canceled with a special or greater
*His fb’s recovery time is improved

Aside from being a good way to disrupt guard, his punch super can be used effectively to catch opponents who roll past his fb. His fb game has improved and can be used as a central strategy now that the recovery is better. His air qcb.P can be cancelled with any special and the new s.B>C target combo can be linked by following with c.B or s.D. I recommend using these changes aggressively along with his fb whilst minding distances.

*The distance travelled on her dp as well as the angle of descent has been adjusted
*Her air throw coming off of dp.K has special follow up properties
(special follow up properties –ie- versus normal situations where an opponents in an air status that cannot be followed up on with subsequent attacks)
-s.B is faster
*j.A can be cancelled with her dive kick
-Movement limits on Yuri’s dive kick have been relaxed
*Her hcb.B is now a 1 frame cmd throw
-The invincibility after attack frames on EX hcb.K has been shortened
-Recovery on haoh-shokoken improved

Depending on which buttons get pressed on hcb.K, a 1 frame throw, a running throw, an invincible attack, the properties of the move change dramatically so it will be necessary to use the variations according to the situation. This will be a versatile weapon in her arsenal so please give the move a try in depth. The real spectacle here is her air throw from dp.K which is now a hit-anything move. Try racking up on damage in various situations!

-df.C has better recovery
*No recoil after air vapor canon
*Guard points on normal are now cancellable by specials
*Hit box on the follow up to EX Maxima Press improved. Can now hit from counter CD.
-No bounce back when EX Maxima Press is guarded. He’s now more vulnerable to punishes.

df.C can be used effectively as an early (okiwaza) anti-air as the recovery has improved. Also counter df.C and counter j.CD can be followed by EX Maxima Press for extra damage, possible to counter-confirm. Pressuring the opponent by earning precise follow-up damage is the ideal way to play Maxima.

Duo Lon
*Hit stun on EX f.A is adjusted. It is possible to combo with a strong attack or qcb.A after EX f.A.
*EX rekka can be cancelled with a special or greater
*fb frames have been adjusted. It is now easier to include the weak version in attacks strings and combos as it is faster.
*f.B can be cancelled by super or greater
-Damage adjusted on NM from 400 to 480

f.B, aside from one shot cancels, the following is also possible: f.A>qcb.B>f.B>super ,so a f.A intitiated hit confirm combo. His fb is now easier to leave on the screen so coordinate attacks with it on the screen.

*Recovery on EX Hishoukyaku improved. Follow-ups possible.
*ff.A has been improved to hit crouching opponents who are in hit stun.
-Recovery on hangetsuzan lengthened
*Air hangetsuzan hits crouching opponents who are in hit stun. However, upwards hitbox has been reduced.
*EX hangetsuzan has better recovery when blocked
-Properties of fbx2.K have changed. Both versions below have extended recovery on a whiff
Weak ver: Invincible, blows back opponent horizontally
Strong ver: No invincibility, launches straight up
-Weak Hienzan has less invincible frames. Also note well that invincibility is upper body only.
*EX Air phoenix kick added. There are a few frames of invincibility on the initial attack frames.

Hangetsuzan isn’t safe on guard so be careful. On the other hand is ff.A can hit crouching opponents in hit stun and EX hangetsuzan can be followed by ff.A in the middle of the screen so regardless of the opponent’s status or distance there will always be combo options available to Kim. So a little bit of a change, let’s use various moves to rush the opponent down without giving them a break!

*EX Ein trigger > 2nd shoot properties have been changed. The projectile hits twice and gradually increases in speed.
-Hit box and attack frames have been altered on j.B and j.D
*Air minute spike anywhere juggles
*Recovery improved on minute spike
-Recovery lengthened on Ein trigger – includes 2nd shoot/2nd shell
-Recovery lengthened for narrow spike when blocked
-Weak crow bites has less invincibility. Note that it is only upper body invincible.
-Minute spike properties changed (includes air). Move initiates at a consistent speed regardless of distance to the opponent.
*EX chain drive has special hit properties.

Although there are several nerfs, it is possible to score extra damage using air minute spike and the special hit properties on chain drive which was not possible in the arcade. You’ll be able to make up for the nerfs by jumping on chances to aggressively score additional damage. Worthy of special mention – EX 2nd shoot has been changed. It was often used to zone, but can now be used to gain the initiative from long distance.

*s.B adjusted. Compared to the arcade, Kula now moves forward giving the move greater range.
-Recovery on df.B improved
-EX Ray Spin no longer invincible
*EX Ray Spin Sit recovery improved
-EX Diamond Edge is faster
*Freeze execution adjusted. Faster and follow-up hitbox improved.
-EX Counter shell has a stronger hitbox

Both supers expending 2 meters have become more powerful. Both make Kula invincible and are good for interrupting opponents or as anti-airs. Her use of meter has increased, so she has become a character that will test meter management skills. It may be fun using the wire damage on counter hit on her EX counter shell.

Although this is the last of the character change series, it certainly isn’t the end of the blog updates. We still have lots of information and movies to show you so stay tuned!

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