• No, I appreciate their effort but I will not soil my hands (or KoF XIII for that matter) by having it involved with such a horrible awards ceremony.

  • Awesome! KOF can stay forever in obscurity in the US! Idiot Fucktard.

    • I don’t fucking care, VGAs are completely meaningless. There are far better ways to communicate how good this game is.

      I’m never going to see this game at the level of SF4 and I accept that. I’m more interested in getting serious fighting game players into this, not a bunch of retards who would diss the character designs because they’re not “manly”.

  • Not for nothing, but it would be meaningless considering MK9 is pretty much going to win. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, but the fact is that MK9 has been the most covered fighting game since they announced it and it already has won an award.

  • It’s time for KOF to be in the spotlight!

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