Atlus announcement regarding KOFXIII netplay

Atlus has received the message sent by the fans and they are listening. Atlus recently tweeted out a link to this message:

We have been carefully monitoring dialogue and feedback regarding the online play in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII. While the general consensus is that KOF XIII is one of if not the best entry in the series and that the netcode is noticeably improved over the previous iteration, we’re saddened to hear that many of our fans are frustrated with their online experiences thus far.

Just as it was in the months prior to the game’s release, we will do everything within our influence to help developer SNK PLAYMORE test and continue to improve KOF XIII’s network performance. To this end, the detailed feedback we’ve received is invaluable.

We greatly appreciate the dedication of players who are diligently reporting their online experiences, and we sincerely thank the community for all of the passion and support it has offered us and THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII.


  • well that was a pretty quick response and i’m glad it didnt fall on deaf ears. This is at least a foot in the door. Now with that said we have to stay engaged with Atlus and SNKP and give them continued feedback regarding the online. thanks again to the Dreamcancel staff for putting together a great letter and again to Atlus for responding and acknowledging it. like i said we got our foot in the door.

  • Please tell SNKP that there are 2 different input lags.

    1. Is both parties have lag.
    2. Is one person gets input lag with the other is just fine.

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