EX Kyo impressions

Orochinagi.com user PenPen has written up his impressions of EX Kyo. Here’s a tidbit from his impressions post:

First thing I noticed is his qcf+B,B move. It connects from weak attacks but the range he travels is rather pitiful (think 2k3 qcf+B,B). The thing is, it juggles and you can follow with a B RED Kick, or even an Orochinagi, and even does more damage than the D version.

I’d daresay that if you can get both hits of his qcf+B,B to connect, and you’ll need to be really close to do that, go ahead. He recovers almost instantly and you can follow up with either a B RED Kick (or EX), Orochinagi (or EX) or dp+P (but this is corner only and does weak damage). Any special/supers aside from the ones listed before, it won’t work. The juggle time is very little.

qcf+D,D kicks higher, does less damage than qcf+B,B but connects fully after a jump C/D->close C. It also connects fully after a low B->close C.

qcf+BD is just like his XIII version, juggles higher and connects from weak attacks. Also if you want, you can connect it off a standing C->f+B, but at this moment this combo would be purely academical.

Autoguard on these moves (approximate idea):
dp+P (right when the move starts)
qcf+A/C (right before the punch comes out)
hcb+BD (when Kyo does that forearm push)

Read the full post here.

Our own SAB-CA has posted his impressions here.

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