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Translation by SonicTempest via Orochinagi

– Mr Karate can cancel any of his standing normals (except stand D) into a super jump.
– stand D has less lag than Takuma’s and can be linked into a stand C or even a Ryuuko Ranbu.
– He has a new command move (Shougeki Sandanzuki, I think? Probably f+A) that does three punches, and there’s no knockback on the first or second hits so it’s easier to connect combos from further away than if you used f+B.
– He can do a short dash after C Ko’ouken. It juggles the opponent so you can use the dash to follow up with additional attacks.
– EX Ko’ouken causes guard crush. Can super cancel it too! Startup is slow though, so can be avoided by watching for the EX flash and rolling or jumping.
– EX Shourankyaku moves quickly and appears right in front of the opponent.
– Both normal and EX Zanretsuken juggle the opponent so you can follow up afterwards. Lots of hits, though, so look out for the scaling. EX version is not anywhere juggle unlike Takuma’s.
– Hien Shippuu Kyaku will combo from standing attacks if you make use of jump cancels.
– His new move Hakyokujin is a counter that moves him next to the opponent after activating. EX version does an attack after the dash which appears to crumple the opponent. EX version does a hard knockdown ground pound upon countering projectiles.
– Kyokugen Kohou is invincible until the hitbox appears so it’s good for anti-air and interrupting attack strings.
– EX Ryuuko Ranbu has fast startup and is invincible until the hitbox appears on the screen.
– Kishin Sanga Geki is an invincible dashing punch attack. You can combo it after an anti-air dp+A since it juggles.

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