KOFXIII Vice combo video volume II

DarkChaotix is back with more Vice madness. For the full transcript, click the jump.

I think ive squeeze all i can from her. Unless something “new” pops up, that bout it. I also think the last combo can be optimized for a bit more damage, but more testing is needed…..

BGM – Tranquilizer (Yagami Team) : KoF 2k2um OST

1. cD, dp+A DC Air DM ( This is a practical combo that you can use if you can hit confirm from a sweep. It doesnt need to be on counter hit which is great. The method I use for this is cD, f~hcf+A~uf,u,d+A. Has to be done fairly quick so the DM actually grabs.)

2. jC, cD, BC, Air DM HDC NM ( Another pratical combo. Since jC does more damage I used that and into cD. This time cancel cD into BC then into Air DM so you can HDC into NM. You have time to do the air DM unlike the first combo. Same notation above applies but just add “BC” after cD is done. )

3. jC, sD, f+A, qcb+C, sA, hcf+BD, sD, f+A, qcb+C, sA, hcf+BD, cD, BC, Air DM HDC NM ( Just a more elaborate combo that utilise the full five meters with the cD done mid combo )

4. jC, [sD, f+A, qcb+C DC qcb+AC, qcb+A, sD, hcf+BD]x2, sD, f+A, qcb+C, sA, hcf+BD, sD, f+A, qcb+C STUN hcbf+A meter building, jC, [sD, f+A, qcb+C, sA, hcf+BD]x2, sD, qcb+C DC hcf+D, qcb+C, qcf+C ( A combo I did in Volume I, but with more loops added. I could of added a f+A after the last hcf+BD but didnt….. )

5. jC, sD (2 hits), BC, [sD (2 hits), qcb+C, sA, hcf+BD]x5, sD (2 hits), qcb+C HDC hcf+D, qcb+C, qcf+C ( A combo that showcases that the loop can be done with sD (2 hits) rather from the sD, f+A style. Done in BC mode because you can normally cancel from the second hit of sD. The sD 2 hits do more damage then sD, f+A )

6. jC, [sD, f+A, qcb+C, sA, hcf+BD]x4, sD, f+A STUN jC, [sD, f+A, qcb+C, sA, hcf+BD]x3, sD (2 hits), BC, sD (2 hits), [qcb+C HDC hcf+D]x5, qcb+C, qcf+C ( Some people thought that loop was corner only, so this combo was to showcase that you can do it anywhere. It is harder because I feel its easier to judge the sA in corner then in the open. It also shows how this combo loop generates a full HD bar and more meter stocks )

7. jC, sD, f+A, BC, jC, sD, f+A, [qcb+C HDC hcf+D]x4, qcb+C HDC hcf+BD, [sD, f+A, qcb+C, sA, hcf+BD]x3, sD, f+A, qcb+C STUN jC, [sD, f+A, qcb+C, sA, hcf+BD]x3, sD (2 hits), BC, sD (2 hits), [qcb+C HDC hcf+D]x5, qcb+C, qcf+C ( A full 100% combo that uses 2 HD bars and 6x sA, hcf+BD loops. I’m aware that someone else did a similar combo before I did it and credits to them for recing it before I did. I actually thought I could sleep on it until I got around to it but i guess not….have to be quick. I still believe with a bit more tweaking, there maybe a possibility for more damage. If i ever get around to testing it out, I dont know )

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