LogicFighter: On team selection and order

Sparkster at LogicFighter is back with another excellent KOFXIII article. This new article, entitled On Team Selection and Order, offers insight into choosing the right character for the individual player and discusses different schools of thought on team order.

A large, ubiquitous concern that is impairing newer KOF players comes in the form of fretting over team composition. Character selection and ordering is an essential aspect of KOF as in all team fighting games, but in reality team selection plays a lesser role in KOF XIII than in CvS2 and undoubtedly less so than MvC3. However, I’ve witnessed plenty of fighting game players that spend more time fixated on their team rather than playing the game and improving, so I shall go into further depth on this subject to clarify how a player decide upon a team.

Read the article here: http://logicfighter.com/2012/01/23/on-team-selection-and-order/

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