NESTS Kyo breakdown article from Logic Fighter

Sparkster has done a nice comparison between NESTS Kyo and XIII Kyo over at In the article, he looks at each character from every imaginable angle.

Fireball Kyo is already a decisively high tier character capable of doing just about anything. His normals can deal with nearly every situation, his cross up j.2C is more ambiguous to block, his hitconfirms are easy and lead into long juggles and hard knockdowns, and he has an EX command grab for completely blowing up the opponent’s defense. Since Kyo’s already transitioned marvelously into KOF XIII’s system, some are left scratching their heads over what ol’ Rekka Kyo can do better.

Head over to LogicFighter for the full article.

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  • I think both Kyo’s are needed, Heck KOF 02UM had both!! But i just dont understand why they took out his lil upper cut counter move?? Wish more people was comming out but i guess thats just a pipe dream…….Obaiyo mina

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