You know it’s a going to be good weekend with SIX streams going on for KOFXIII (so far)

Watch Las Vegas stream some MM, urm, exhibition matches over at
right now!

Our very own Sibarraz is streaming over in Chile with a very good quality stream:

Three more coming up this weekend (Thanks to Coopa for the heads up):
Kof XIII at Ramnation (Tonight @ 10:30pm PST):

Norcal Install (Saturday) will at least have KoF top 4 later, the time is not set yet:

South Town Arcade (Sunday): Will begin their ranbat season of Kof XIII and have Soul Calibur V. You can watch at:

UPDATE: WP Cup, Sunday in Brazil 10AM BST–which should be 2am PST Sunday if my calculations are correct (Thanks Vinn Aleixo)


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