KOFXIII Climax changes

It seems SNKP is in love with tweaking KOFXIII; the upcoming Climax will have tweaks beyond the console changes.

Partial change log translated by The Professor from MMCafe:

– Shen will no longer receive a counter hit penalty when he’s hit during his Far C
– Shen will gain some power meter when he bounces off anything stronger than an EX projectile with his Danken(Projectile parry)

– Fixed issue where Ralf and Raiden’s positions will change and command has be input in reverse when doing Bareback Vulcan (DM) > MAX Cancel >NEOMAX

– Fixed Normal throw so that it no longer raises the opponent’s meters.

– Fixed issue where doing cl.D>HD bypass will make the characters switch position when the opponent is facing back

– Took out invincibility on HD bypass

– Changed damage on short hop & hyper hop C from 72 to 70

Flame Iori
– Fixed issue where MAX canceling too late from normal Maiden Masher wouldn’t target lock the NEOMAX.
– Changed input frames for canceling from Maiden Masher.
– Fixed issue where repeatedly blocking low would display his standing block for a split moment.

– Changed cr.B so that it can be HD bypassed.


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