New SNKP video

SNKPlaymore has released a new video covering HD bypass, alternate guard and other system details.

Translation by The Professor of MMCafe:

– When you cancel into HD mode from a normal, you’ll automatically dash if it’s done as a buffer or during hitstop. But if you do it after the hitstop, a normal B or C attack will come out depending on which button you pressed early when doing B+C. If you pressed it perfectly together, a C will always come out. Same rule applies when doing it in the air.

– Your hurtbox/guardbox during a block is larger than your neutral pose. You can whiff the opponent’s attack at times by crouching without blocking, wheras if you block it’ll hit.

– If you finish off an HD combo by doing an HD cancel, there’s a penalty time where the drive meter doesn’t build up. If it naturally depletes at the end, the penalty time doesn’t apply.

– Alternate blocking is covered by the video (switch between standing and crouching while you’re in block, and you can extend the blocking time).

– The hurtbox during hitback motion is the same for all characters. Other damage motions (like in the air) are different by characters, so it doesn’t mean that there’s no character-dependent combos in the game.

– Some Neomax gain anywhere juggle property when Maxcanceled. This also means that you can whiff the super and kara Maxcancel it to give the Neomax an anywhere juggle property.

– The early frames in crumple motion is susceptible to throws.

One comment

  • It’s nice to see the developer supporting things like HD bypass. By providing tips on how to do more advanced techhniques like this they might help convince players to delve further into the game mechanics of KoF XIII and that can lead to community growth, more discussion, and hopefully more overall interest in the game.

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