SNKP KOFXIII detailed video series part 3

Cmd techniques:
Ever have the opponent slip away from your meaty in the corner?
Theres a button hierarchy for when buttons are pushed simultaneously.

HK > HP > LK > LP

ex. You get HP when pressing LP+HP

Use this to get either a weak attack or throw. Use the hit stop on weak attacks and us LPHK or LKHK with a little delay. If the weak attack hits, you’ll get chain cancle timing on weaks. If it misses you’ll get a throw (fwd as you press the buttons on the second attack). If you master this, you’ll reduce the number of times your opponent escapes from the corner.

Note that cmd normals take precedence over other normals. If your chr has a cmd normal be creative with the buttons you use to avoid them from coming out.

On Scaling:
In general KoF scales damage based on the number of consecutive hits. Ex. 1st hit 100%, 2nd hit 95% and so on. There are moves that receive scaling and ones that don’t scale any further when they hit. Some of Karate’s specials and supers are the latter.

Regarding the latter, scaling happens if you follow up after these moves, but if you follow up as fast as possible with the same type of move, you can maintain the same scaling amount as the previous move.

Here are some other examples:

Note that certain aerial juggle combos where the chr lands on the ground (landing motion) during the string get scaled.

On Freeze:
Ever fail a roll during a freeze on the opponent’s super? KoF doesn’t accept inputs during the freeze animation so countering these is extremely difficult, however; if you hold buttons down during the freeze, they will become active at the fastest possible speed after the freeze. Holding down LPLK during freeze will guarantee a roll. Holding back and LPLK will result in a backwards roll – use this skillfully for a counter.

Most all of the supers in the game can be avoided this way. Long freeze animations make no difference, use this technique with confidence in these cases too . Of course, keep in mind that other ‘one cmd’ moves can be used to come out as soon as possible to counter supers.

Keeping this in mind you can counter in style

Translation by BioBooster

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