World Game Cup 2012 — International showmanship

Evo is in the air and you can smell it around the corner already. Anytime you get big names flying in from across the world you know it’s going to a good weekend.

France is holding their famous World Game Cup 2012 this weekend and the lineup is pretty stacked. Our very own The Answer and of course eLive.Pro Mr Kof is representing the US by attending. The Answer has of course made a name for himself already earlier this week in the UK and he’s on his way to Cannes France as we speak.

Below are the brackets courtesy from Giby of SNK-Capcom; Dream Cancel wishes the best of luck to all the players participating.

Pool 1
eLivepro|Mr KOF (US) v Qualquef (UK)
eLivepro|JPKOF (FR) v Toshiro (FR)
Dr. Doom (IE) v Mazinkaizer (IT)
Rayansin (DZ) v 4K (CH)

Pool 2
eLivepro|Frionel (MA) v Darklau (FR)
Western Wolves/MCZ Prodigal Son (UK) v Latino Starrk (PE)
Sigma (FR) v MCZ.WDM|Renegad (FR)
Shaman (FR) v Anato (FR)

Pool 3
FOX (FR) v Lilian Martin (FR)
BigNog (FR) v Kyo-1 (ES)
CDV|Frenxie (FR) v Berserken (FR)
Elric (FR) v eLivepro|Tom Sawyer (FR)

Pool 4
MM Salim (FR) v RikoAB7 (SE)
Hakim KOF (FR) v Zero (FR)
Koga (BE) v KingQuaka (UK)
Laurent Kasperain (FR) v CDV|Dims (FR)

Pool 5
LDA The Answer (US) v Vermine (FR)
eLivepro|Oro (FR) v MCZ.WDM|Evans (FR)
TibS (FR) v eLivepro|Kenpachi (BE)
MM Hokuto-Youseff (FR) v Carpet (UK)

Pool 6
eLivepro|RF (JP) v MacVillain (BE)
Dogerman (FR) v Farouk Kout (FR)
MCZ.WDM|Will2Pac (FR) v Pulco (FR)
MCZ.WDM|Cuongster (FR) v Quentin Kral (BE)

Pool 7
MM Pharaon (FR) v Malik Mekideshe (BE)
Goro777 (FR) v ESF|Higashi Joe (FR)
SBR_Rickyo95 (FR) v MCZ.WDM|Dooms (FR)
Naphiel (IE) v eLivepro|CCL (BE)

Pool 8
MCZ.WDM|Luffy (FR) v Yashiro94 (FR)
Force D Gyp (DE) v Medfleed (MA)
eLivepro|Vivio (FR) v MCZ.WDM Rayden (FR)
Kee Chak (PT) v LaosJin (FR)

A quick reminder that this weekend will have the largest turnout for SouthTown Ranbats as SoCal is heading up again…more details to follow.


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