ON Show 33: MLG and The Future of Fighting Games

The ON Show 33 is up! Gunsmith is joined by Juicebox Abel, who may be the most hype KOF commentator ever, and The Answer to discuss many topics concerning the KOF community.

Detailed notes after the jump.

A US Player visting Europe
How MLG got involved
The reasons behind the clash with NorCalRegionals
The future of KOF with MLG
The Continuation System
How hardcore MLG is when it comes to matches
How 7 KOF matches is actually quick compared to Starcraft
The level of players in France
What tech was missing
LDA and IGL ???
The future of arcades vs console cafes
Immortal Gamers League
The death of chess and gaming pensioners
Insert Coin
Drunken Gamers having fun vs Training to get better Fighting Skills
Juicebox and the KOF game that never was
Why JBA likes and plays KOF
KOF vs Strekken
How playing KOF makes you a better SF player
Hit Confirming in KOF and SF
Crouching B Hidden Top Tier
The Legacy of KOF players winning SF tournaments
The dumbing down of fighting games
Rewarding skill or mashing – what’s more important to a game company?
ST or SFIV – which good player gets more respect?
Skill Cap Install
Do more defensive options make for a better game?
Character Balance and how skill doesn’t matter due to lack of options.
Rufus and Medium Kick
Reducing a game to 3 options to make it accessible and fun
P4U and the A button
The future of fighting games
KOF with Marvel style combos
SFxT Rules at Evo
How to profit from consumers and what’s driving the game companies now
The Importance of being featured at EVO for a game’s longevity

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