Power Up 2012 updates and announcements

Dream Cancel and Power Up are teaming up for The King of Fighters XIII at Power Up 2012! In addition to providing prizes for top 5, we’re going to have an exhibition series with Team Cancel, lead by Desmond Delaghetto, vs Team Power Up!

A 5v5 where each team member is locked to only one character from the KOFXIII roster. No duplicates allowed on a team.

The goal is to win five FT3 matches, but the catch is that each game within the FT3 is a fresh 1v1. This is similar to regular 3v3 KOFXIII, but instead of one player controlling the entire team, the entire team is controlled by three individual team members.


  • Each 1v1 game is Best 2/3 rounds.
  • Each player sets his character to Handicap +1. This helps anchor-type characters remain viable by providing some initial meter.
  • Teams blind pick a player order from their 5 members. The first 3 team members in each order play the initial FT3. After the initial FT3, any player who lost a match is shuffled out to let the next ordered team member join the FT3, starting from the anchor position and moving upward.
  • After each 1v1, next upcoming players are to restart the previous game and do button checks and controller swap if necessary. Then begin the next game by returning to character select
    Team PowerUp uses PowerUp custom colors. Team Dream Cancel uses Dream Cancel custom colors.

Let us know if you’ll be attending in the Power Up 2012 thread! Also, more specific details on the 5v5 are available in this post.

For more information on Power Up 2012, visit the site and listen to the latest podcast.

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