NorCal Knock-Outs brought you by STA x IPW – Sunday April 22nd

iPlayWinner and SouthTownArcade have been working overtime this year. The collaboration between the two has essentially single-handedly propelled KOFXIII US scene to where it is today with their now world famous RanBats.

This Sunday April 22nd they are bringing a new event, NorCal Knock-Out, where it is an exclusive invite-only event for KOFXIII. Using an 8-man double elimination format, NorCal’s finest KOFXIII players will battle it out on stream. The selection process was done as follow: Four players were picked by STA x IPW due to their rankings and general popularity — fixel, ON|MichelS, Pain and current RanBat leader BBZ. The other four were voted for and the results were — Hellpockets, Laban, RogerDodger & Tone (the results were announced here starting 6m25s). Each entrant will pay $25 and there will be an addition bonus pot provided by STA and EIGHTARC will also be sponsoring the event.

SOURCE: iPlayWinner

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