The Professor interviews top Singapore Player Justius(Skye) and Climax news

The mad man himself, The Professor of mmcafe, conducted an interview with top Singaporean KOF player Justius(Skye) who recently played Mr KOF in easily the most talked about nail biting match at MLG’s Winter games.

The interview later ask Justius to share his opinion of what he thinks the current tier list for KOF XIII is and it’s interesting to see it compared to other known players.

Check out the link for the interview and to see Justius’ tier list.

Professor also reports exciting news that:

The release date for KOF XIII Climax has been set, according to Japanese arcade industry news blog “Aketan”. The initial release on April 26 will be a PCB bundle, followed by June with an HDD-only kit. The production will be limited to 200 units.

An early leak of the news was made by KOF XIII Tougeki/SBO2010 winner “Oeppu”, in which he revealed that the units will be sold at 390,000 yen and 250,000 yen, respectively.

What does this mean to the future of KOFXIII console? We will see in the weeks to come…

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