DC KOFXIII Online Tournament 5/5 Results

Over 14 players showed up and played in our online competition yesterday. Here are results from all the matches

Diavle/Bloody-Spin [8.5 points]
Daireangel [5 points]
Shiranui_Persona/Angel_Shiranui [4.5 points]
DesmondDelaghetto [1 point]
Hurtful_Things [1 point]
Crimson_Assassin/Crimson_King [0 points]
Edgar_Cruz [0 points]
Loowee12 [0 points]
Sixteentons [0 points]
Tofusoup3421/tofusoup34 [0 points]

Calibur753 [10 points]
RexDart7 [2 points]
TrampyBasher [2 points]
FreeRunner/SonicLord [0 points]

Full match scores can be found in this thread: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=2277.msg52674#new

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