CEO2012 KOFXIII Match of the tournament? Losers Final vVv Romance vs MCZ Mago

Stories to be told to your grandchildren. Hailed by many as easily the best match of the tournament, vVv Romance runs it back with “2D Fighting God” Mago in the Loser’s Final at CEO2012.

Match SPOILERS ahead:

Back story: It’s been a busy two week for Romance, who in this editor’s own opinion, one of the most enjoyable KOFXIII players to watch right now. Only a week before, vVv Romance played another famous FG Japanese player who needs no introduction, MCZ Tokido at MLG Anaheim 2012. In the Winner Bracket, the game was tied 2-2 and down to the 5th round, both players with roughly 10% health. Romance over buffers one too many qcb and executes the worst whiffed special/DM he could possible do in any situation (Benimaru’s qcb x2+P DM) and Tokido dashed up from fullscreen and finished him off. Even Tokido looked upset with the win. The very next day, Romance runs it back with Tokido in the Loser’s bracket and wins with a convincing 4-0 victory despite having the controversial MLG continuation rule against him.

Fast forward to last weekend, Romance plays Mago in the Winner’s bracket at CEO2012 seen here at the 10h43min mark and Romance loses 0-2 to the 2D Fighting Game God. A couple day’s before CEO2012, Mago’s teammate, Tokido, tweeted about warning Romance basically how good Mago is–and he definitely lived up to his name. The very next day, Romance has to play Mago again in the Loser’s final. Game 1 he has Mago in his grasp on the 5th round, with a a 70%+ health lead, does a game winning corner combo and once again makes a simple execution error on the last hit leaving Mago with 5% health. The whiffed special left Romance open and Mago takes advantages of it with a clutch HD Flame Iori finish. Romance proceeds to run it back and wins the next 2 game (Loser’s finals are 3 out of 5) tallying the score at 2-1 to Romance with possibly one more match to move on forward. At the very same time, goes down and viewers are left with only bits of pieces of the match to see. Above is posted said match and it was apparently so epic that FCG commentator David “UltraDavid” Graham felt the need to tweet it twice!

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