Dream Cancel Chatango Chat Box

In an effort to replace the wibiya toolbar chat which provided members to chat while they were visiting the site and forums, we have now installed a chatango group chat which is on the sidebar of the homepage.

The full sized version of the group page is here: http://dreamcancel.chatango.com/

When you hit the “set name” button, you can choose to be anonymous, have a temporary name, or sign-up to create a profile.  Only signed-up members can receive private messages. Feel free to add your location, and gamertags (PSN, XBL, GGPO etc) of your choice to your profile.  It will show up as a small pop-up when someone hovers your name in the chat box.

The chat box is not embedded on the forums, so you will need to open the full size link, or keep the front homepage open.

For any questions, comments, feedback, or to report troublesome or weird activity post it up in the thread here: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=2386.msg56071#new

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