Drive Cancel Radio Episode 10: CEO 2012 recap

In this episode myself (Desmond) and David Kong recap CEO 2012 and interview KOF player and commentator Andres aka nothingxs!
Episode 10: CEo 2012 recap


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Here is the CEO 2012 video featuring Spanish commentary by The Answer and nothingxs:

And the post CEO 2012 Mago vs Bala FT5 casual match:


  • There’s some funky stuff going on with your podcast.
    I heard the rock paper scissors story twice.
    I also heard the Haregoro Joe comment twice over too.

  • Peekaboo I see you

    There’s some funky stuff happening with your podcast.
    I heard the rock paper scissors story twice towards the end.
    I also heard the “no name escapes me” Haregoro (sp?) Joe segment twice too.

  • Desmond_Delaghetto

    I’ve listened to it back and I’m not hearing those hiccups you mentioned…anyone else hear the same as he is hearing it?

  • Ah, could have been my quicktime on my Chrome. I’m listening to do again on my foobar.
    Sorry to jump the gun. D:
    It was unreal at the time.

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