Roundtable Ranbats for Saturdays, Online Tournament Info (6/30) and Results (6/16)

KOF XIII Roundtable Ranbats is set for Saturdays starting this weekend (23rd) @ 4pm EST, 3pm CT, etc. Roundtable Ranbats info

Also, a new Online Tournament is set for June 30th (Saturday) with the Roundtable Ranbats following immediately after. 6/30 Tournament info

And the results for the June 16th tournament are here:

ScrewUpper [14 points]
DesmondDelaghetto [6 points]
Hurtful_Things [4 points]
SPLIPH [4 points]
solidshark [1 point]
DarKaoZ [0 points]
Glenburg89 [0 points]
Ryudo [0 points]

Rex Dart [7.5 points]
thec0re3 [4 points]
Josh [0 points]
Mr. Bakaboy [0 points]

LazieFreddy [7 points]

6/16 Tournament Results info

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