#TRB Stream Replay from 06/22/12 – Season 2: Week 6

We’ll make an exception here.

Normally we don’t front page twitch stream archives until the YouTube counterparts is released, but last night’s TRB, with only 2 weeks left before Evo2012, was by far the most intense competition SoCal has seen by a huge margin. With 40 contestants, we had returning guest Chile in the House, Luis Cha from Mexico, MCZ|Mago from Japan, NorCal SouthTownArcade killers, and the usual stacked suspects.

With over 2hours of quality matches from TC|StolenHope, IGL|Bala, STA’s Jose El Gallo Negro, STA’s BBZ, Luis Cha from Mexico, MCZ|Mago, vVv|Romance, AS|Reynald, KaneBlueRiver, Ricardo, STA’s Fixel, Morocco’s Ziwa310, eLive.Pro|Mr KOF and much much more. Check out the stream!


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